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Viruses. Firewalls. Spyware. Malware

How to avoid the never-ending barrage of hacking.


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If your computer is not performing as efficiently as it should, malware, spyware or a virus installed on your computer might be the reason.
Our experienced technicians are skilled at removing such threats, and more importantly, providing a solution in the form of software-based firewalls that will protect your computer. Some FREE versions of firewalls just need to be activated.


Otherwise known as malicious software, malware can often disrupt a computer’s operation and is frequently used to gather sensitive information or gain access to private computer systems. It comes in the form of computer viruses, ransomware, worms, Trojan horses, spyware and other damaging software.


Spyware is perhaps the most commonly known malware that tracks an Internet user’s movements on the web. It can be lethal enough to steal passwords, account numbers, and can even perform secret operations without your permission. Spyware has been known to infiltrate a computer through pop-up advertising windows that often appear on a screen when a user is searching the Internet. In fact, spyware frequently installs itself on a system by deceiving the user or by exploiting software vulnerabilities.  


Is it taking you too long to get to your favorite websites? Or maybe your computer is acting a little funny lately?
You may have a virus that is slowing things down. Even users who have anti-virus software installed on their computers may be susceptible to the growing legion of viruses that are out there, many of them destroying a computer’s ability to function properly.
Rather than allowing the virus to attach itself to executable files on a computer, or worse, to steal your private information, it is best to get rid of the problem before it spreads and does further damage.
At PCS, we’ve got you covered. Rather than trying to figure out how to remove the virus yourself — and let’s face it, computer viruses these days can be difficult to eliminate completely — we can do it for you.
If you don’t already have antivirus software protection installed on your computer, we can do that for you. By choosing the proper antivirus software, you can protect your computer from all sorts of threats.
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I decided that building a business model with trained IT minds - versus 'technicians' - was the answer to supporting a sector ignored in our vastly-expanding informational world. Our 'minds' would specialize in small business and home computing situations by engineering technology options into smart configurations. They would be tasked with tight budgets to repair your systems, protect your records, recover your memories, and still deliver the liberation experienced from the next improved-upon upgrade. I needed to put some thought into it. And I DID, along with hundreds of my customers, which helped me get where I am today. I founded PC Support to satisfy the small computing needs of both small businesses and home computer users. We create perfect balances and clever solutions to maximize your IT dollars. Our mission is to keep our businesses' computing capabilities smarter than their competitors and our homeowners smarter than their children. - Will Anderson

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