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Back-up Systems

Safety First!

Creating ‘automatic’ full-proof back-up office solutions will provide a behind-the-scenes protection that puts your mind at ease for:

Client records

Revenue records

Past work records


There are plenty of options to get the back-up system you need.

Utilizing what you can and tailoring it to your lifestyle and budget is where automated back-up systems can vary. On any amount of computers, back-up is essential — but it doesn’t have to be done in an expensive way.  By using different types of technology and creative configuration, you can set up systems transparent to the user and effective for easily accessing stored data. You can set up systems to have your records stored safely out of the office or take advantage of the in-house hardware options that today’s amazing new technology has to offer.
A computer back-up system should be set up to run without fear of going down and also include safety valves in which users can rely. Here at PCS, we realize your work and data are important to you and know that losing it could set your business back years. That’s why we’ve created a number of solutions through innovative engineering —whether it’s utilizing “FREE” options or circumventing other systems— it is always customized to your situation.

We realize that costs are a factor in any business, although cutting corners is not in our play book. If your business is losing money due to a lackluster back-up system, then nobody wins.

We not only educate and provide low cost backup solutions for our clients, but we also detail the pros and cons of each. Some of the solutions we suggest have components in the cloud, others are part of a computer’s physical hardware and many are a combination of both.
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Customer Testimonials


I decided that building a business model with trained IT minds - versus 'technicians' - was the answer to supporting a sector ignored in our vastly-expanding informational world. Our 'minds' would specialize in small business and home computing situations by engineering technology options into smart configurations. They would be tasked with tight budgets to repair your systems, protect your records, recover your memories, and still deliver the liberation experienced from the next improved-upon upgrade. I needed to put some thought into it. And I DID, along with hundreds of my customers, which helped me get where I am today. I founded PC Support to satisfy the small computing needs of both small businesses and home computer users. We create perfect balances and clever solutions to maximize your IT dollars. Our mission is to keep our businesses' computing capabilities smarter than their competitors and our homeowners smarter than their children. - Will Anderson

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 149 Old Mamaroneck Rd, White Plains, NY 10605

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