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Keeping you doing business is more than running your network.

Smart integration is everything.

small-business_integration2 Integration means different things to different businesses.
To a small business, it can be the integration of an industry specific software system into your already  up-and-running business systems or as simple as a wireless setup for printers and video conferencing equipment to an existing computer.

Installations done effectively is the KEY.

Making sure that the components of your computer environment communicate at the highest rate of efficiency is great integration.  Having the right software for your business and ensuring that the industry specific software is connected properly is the difference in thriving businesses versus neck-and-neck keeping up.  Taking advantage of all software and hardware’s capabilities is applying best business practice whether you are in the office and remotely operating the business.  The technicians from PC Support ask the questions and provide consultancy, and building or upgrading small to robust networks, whether in-house or fully out-sourced IT are your solution preferences.  Business changes quickly.  Being there and making the most out of your technology will make your life easier and further your business.
Understanding technology and having plans for when it goes down is also a responsible business practice. Great initial set-ups and and quick tutorials training sessions will cover this and save you money in the long run.  Trusted advisers in the IT field are important for these and that occasional call when you have a question.  Although regularly scheduled visits to maintain your systems will result in better bottom lines.
We provide small and mid-size businesses IT services for PC networks in and around New York’s Westchester & Putnam Valley counties. From planning, installation, testing and long-term maintenance of your IT network, our highly-trained network consultants are experienced in a wide range of network infrastructures and are backed by our certification requirement policy.  With years of extensive industry experience, we know that great IT comes from:
  • Understanding the businesses and it’s needs, identifying problem areas and suggest IT services to help you improve your business
  • Realizing the scope and not over estimating the needs.  Painting pictures for future moves if budgets are a constraint is part of our loyalty policy to our customers.
  • Saving you money by taking advantage of FREE solutions
  • Minimizing your down-time – preparing you with safety plans in place

Consider some of the major elements that keep businesses running smoothly:

  • BACK_UP SOLUTIONS : PC Support has lowered the rate of phone calls from people that have lost everything. We educate and provide low cost Back-up solutions.
  • SOFTWARE INSTALLATION: Raise your level of productivity with Industry Specific Software Installation    – Quick books, Drake Tax, CCC One, AudaTex, CCC Pathway, Mitchell, Legal Billing Software.  We research for you, suggest based on your needs and install all software.
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Customer Testimonials


I decided that building a business model with trained IT minds - versus 'technicians' - was the answer to supporting a sector ignored in our vastly-expanding informational world. Our 'minds' would specialize in small business and home computing situations by engineering technology options into smart configurations. They would be tasked with tight budgets to repair your systems, protect your records, recover your memories, and still deliver the liberation experienced from the next improved-upon upgrade. I needed to put some thought into it. And I DID, along with hundreds of my customers, which helped me get where I am today. I founded PC Support to satisfy the small computing needs of both small businesses and home computer users. We create perfect balances and clever solutions to maximize your IT dollars. Our mission is to keep our businesses' computing capabilities smarter than their competitors and our homeowners smarter than their children. - Will Anderson

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 149 Old Mamaroneck Rd, White Plains, NY 10605

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