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Certification requirements:
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  • A+ CERTIFIED Field Repair Technician
  • NETWORK+  Engineer.

Competitive Differentiator


About Us.

Resourceful trouble shooting and in-depth knowledge about full-proof software solutions geared to YOUR situation is our practice. Saving you money does not, in our house, come with lesser quality— just better research.
Great ideas are out there. Finding the one that is right for your situation is the key to providing the great tools to help you grow as a business or as a connected family.  Buying into the latest and greatest can offer too much functionality when the user only needs some. Cutting through the technology marshes and delivering and installing the right solutions is our job.  We take pride in saving you money when we can and making sure you don’t have to call us that often.  PC Support is your PC computer service store that comes to your door.  Here’s a little about our founder:

Will Anderson, Founder:

Some years ago, I noticed that a section of the technology service industry was being ignored, particularly the 1-20 or so small businesses and home computing networks that were getting lost in its growth. Some of it was due to overdone software, created in an attempt to wow with functionality but not answer what the customer needed.
The industry’s integration of different software and devices was leaving these smaller networks scrambling to solve their technology-related problems, while they wasted time trying to make sense of it all.
That’s why I established PCS, a company that provides help to both small businesses and home computer users, and one that is dedicated to keeping businesses more knowledgeable than their competitors and home owners smarter than their children. I felt that building a business model with trained IT mind, versus technicians, was the answer to supporting a sector ignored in our vastly expanding informational world. I knew I had the processing capacity to take large amounts of knowledge and quickly turn it into solutions or real down-to-earth strategies, if you will, that customers could understand and use, especially those not familiar with technical terms.
I was comforted by the fact that I had the kind of service mentality and understanding to decipher and provide answers, and I am confident now that this approach has been instrumental to the growth of my business.
My academic endeavors began as an over-achieving adolescent at the Bronx High School of Science and later as a student at Princeton University. After attending college, I launched a career at Chase Bank. Ten years ago, I saw an opportunity to grow my own business and invested 150 percent of my energy into learning how to serve the needs of my customers. The Computer Career Center in Regal Park, located in Queens, was where I built my technology information foundation. Countless 10-hour nights reading 600-page textbooks only fueled my aptitude and drive, and led me to certifications in all areas of the PC industry, including the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification, the A+ Certified Field Repair Technician certification and the Network+ Engineer certification.
I have proudly bestowed my zest for knowledge to my two daughters, who both attended Ivy League schools and are now excelling in their own careers. My partner Jayne is a supportive piece of my success, allowing me to spend much time on building my business, and I hope that my current PC Support clients and future ones will also become part of an extended family, one that is free to ask questions of me or merely to soak in the knowledge that I hope to provide.
  And I cannot forget our clients. As they too become part of my family.  Our policy includes 100% guarantee that we get you back on track, and  keep you there, because that is how you take care of a family.  My door is always open to those who have a question or simply want to learn more about becoming part of PC Support’s team members.
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  • A+ CERTIFIED Field Repair Technician
  • NETWORK+  Engineer.
 Also a member of the BNI Business Networking International Group  
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Customer Testimonials


I decided that building a business model with trained IT minds - versus 'technicians' - was the answer to supporting a sector ignored in our vastly-expanding informational world. Our 'minds' would specialize in small business and home computing situations by engineering technology options into smart configurations. They would be tasked with tight budgets to repair your systems, protect your records, recover your memories, and still deliver the liberation experienced from the next improved-upon upgrade. I needed to put some thought into it. And I DID, along with hundreds of my customers, which helped me get where I am today. I founded PC Support to satisfy the small computing needs of both small businesses and home computer users. We create perfect balances and clever solutions to maximize your IT dollars. Our mission is to keep our businesses' computing capabilities smarter than their competitors and our homeowners smarter than their children. - Will Anderson

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 149 Old Mamaroneck Rd, White Plains, NY 10605

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